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Guitars Not Guns Raises Important Capital

I always find it very rewarding to do an event with Guitars Not Guns.  It’s so cool to see kids react to holding an instrument for the first time and to see the self-satisfaction of strumming out their first couple of chords.  Last weekend, Guitars Not Guns had a significant presence at the Columbia Pike Blues Festival in Arlington Virginia.  In addition to some top blues talent and dozens of food and drink vendors, Guitars Not Guns had two booths.  One booth focused on fund-raising, offering raffle tickets for a gorgeous Saint Blues White Lightning, while the other was a demo area where kids could pick up a guitar and get a free lesson, and more experienced guitar players could check out some very fine Saint Blues guitars.

Several of Guitar Not Guns’ local instructors were on hand to help out and it was a treat watching them with the kids.  It’s no wonder that this organization is so successful, because the instructors that I saw in action were all tremendous with their ability to reach the kids and get them excited about learning to play the guitar.  Guitar Affair had a variety of Saint Blues guitars on hand for the more capable players, and some die-hard players of other brands had an eye opening experience when they played the Saint Blues guitars for the first time.  Across the board, people were blown away by the quality and the tone of these instruments, and special thanks goes out to the Saint Blues Guitar Workshop for being such great supporters of Guitars not Guns.

Overall, the event was a tremendous success.  Guitars Not Guns raised capital to purchase instruments and add additional classes, and several hundred people came through the both to learn about the organization, to pick up a guitar, and to learn about the Saint Blues guitars.

Below are some pictures of the event.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success.  Your continued support for this tremendous organization is most appreciated.

Guitars Not Guns Music Experience Tent

Guitars Not Guns Music Experience Tent

Guitars not Guns teachs young student her first chords

Young Myles learns his first guitar chords. Myles also won the student guitar giveaway.

Bad Influence guitarist Mike Tash helps out some young players

Bad Influence Guitarist Mike Tash Helps Out Some Young Guitarists

Saint Blues Guitars at the Columbia Pike Blues Festival

Guitarists of All Ages were Impressed with the Saint Blues Guitars

The winner of the Guitars Not Guns Saint Blues White Lightning Raffle

Saint Blues White Lightning Proud Winner Whitney Robinson

“Guitars not Guns” Holds Guitar Raffles

For the past several years I have been a huge fan of the non-profit Guitars Not Guns (  This is a really great organization that goes out into the community and sets up guitar programs for at-risk youth, providing them with instruments and instruction.  Students who pass their beginner’s class are awarded a guitar to keep.  Many of us who grew up with music in our lives can probably paint a scenario where things may have gone differently had we not had a constructive hobby.  The kids that GnG helps have limited opportunity; they are surrounded by all sorts of negative influences that can easily put their future at risk.  For these kids, positive role models and a productive activity in their lives can make all the difference.

GnG is an all volunteer organization that is funded by private donations and raffling off merchandise that is generously donated by manufacturers, dealers and distributors who support their cause.  This June, in partnership with the Columbia Pike Blues Festival and Del Rey Music Festival, GnG will be raffling off two fantastic instruments; one generously provided by Brazen Guitars ( and Saint Blues Guitar Workshop (

The great news is that anyone can support this great organization and have a shot at one of these fine instruments by purchasing some raffle tickets online; simply click on one of the links below.  The guitar will be shipped free of charge to the winner anywhere in the United States.

The Saint Blues guitar being raffled is one of their White Lightning models, shown in the picture to the right:

Saint Blues White Lightning Electric Guitar

This is a fantastic instrument that sports 3 P90 pickups on a great playing guitar.  The Saint Blues White Lightning retails for $1175.  You can read more about this guitar and how to win it here:

Brazen Guitars has donated something extra special this year – a Brazen Fantasy Deluxe that is autographed by one of my absolute favorite guitarists – Caleb Quaye (Elton John, Hookfoot, Hall & Oates, and referred to by Eric Clapton as the greatest guitarist in the world).  The Brazen Fantasy Deluxe is shown in the picture below.

Brazen Fantasy Deluxe Guitar

Brazen makes great playing and sounding instruments and this rare Caleb Quaye autograph surely makes this one extra special.  For more information on the guitar and how to win it, go to:

Please help Guitars not Guns make this summer a success by purchasing tickets to win these to fabulous guitars, and help some very deserving kids while you’re at it.

Your help in spreading the word about these raffles is also greatly appreciated.

Guitar Gifts for Fathers Day

Last year, we were slammed with requests for Father’s Day gifts for the guitar-playing Dad.  I felt guilty because I didn’t have anything to offer except Guitar Affair merchandise like t-shirts and cleaning cloths.

So, this year, I spent a bunch of time looking for cool gifts for dad and we came up with some fun ones.  My 2010 picks are below.  To see all of our great gifts for guitar players, click here.

Guitar Spatula

Guitar Spatula

Guitar Spatula - Great Gift for Guitar Playing Grillers

Guitar players will love pulling this out at parties.  This is a very functional spatula that is great for the grill and stove alike.  We only carry the black version because it just seemed more rock-n-roll.

Click here for more information and to purchase.

Guitar Ice Cube Stirrers

Guitar Ice Cube Stirrers Guitar Gifts

Guitar Ice Cube Stirrers

Now here’s something I’ve been using regularly since I got the sample.  This is a set of three guitar ice cube stirrers.  It is a silicon ice cube mold where the neck is frozen into the ice cube.  They pop out easily into a frozen guitar shaped stirrer.  Perfect for a scotch, tequila, or even a non-alcoholic beverage.

The guitar player in your life will definitely love getting this as a gift and pulling them out a parties.  It’s a conversation starter for sure.

Click here for more information on the Guitar Ice Cube Stirrers or to purchase.

Guitar Toothpick Appetizer Picks

Guitar Toothpicks Appetizer Picks

Guitar Appetizer Picks

This is another gift that’s great for parties.  These reusable guitar appetizer picks are great for cheese, shrimp, veggies and just about anything that you would want to serve with a toothpick.  Your guitar player will have a great time stirring up some conversation with these fun picks.

Click here for more information on the Guitar Picks or to purchase.

Get Amp’d Coffee Mug

Guitar Amp Coffee Mug

Guitar Amp Coffee Mug

Guitar players love talking about guitars and gear.  There’s no better way to get a good guitar conversation going at a work meeting than to show up with this great Get Amp’d Coffee Mug.  Excellent for both hot and cold beverages, this tasteful mug with get the guitar talk going for sure.

Click here for more information on the Get Amp’d Coffee Mug or to purchase.

Keytar Guitar Key Covers

Guitar Key Covers

Keytar Guitar Key Covers

An inexpensive way to show your guitar playing dad that you support him.  These guitar key covers are fun and functional.  They’ll keep your dad’s keys straight and he’ll remember where he got them every time he pulls his keys out.

Click here for more information on the Keytar Guitar Key Covers or to purchase.

Whatever you decide to get your guitar playing dad, remember to let him know that you support his playing.  Happy Fathers Day.  To see all of our great gifts for guitar players, click here.

Why a New Blog Location???

For those of you who were reading my blogs on WordPress and Blogger, I apologize for the inconvenience of switching over to this new location.  I wish I could say that it was for some noble reason, but in the end it was completely for commercial reasons.  We have moved the blog to the Guitar Affair site to preserve the permanent nature of the blog entries and to maximize the blog’s effect on our search engine optimization efforts.  There you have it.

The good news is that I am planning to write much more frequently and to use the blog for Guitar Affair announcements.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks very much for your continued support.