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Guitar Gifts for Fathers Day

Last year, we were slammed with requests for Father’s Day gifts for the guitar-playing Dad.  I felt guilty because I didn’t have anything to offer except Guitar Affair merchandise like t-shirts and cleaning cloths.

So, this year, I spent a bunch of time looking for cool gifts for dad and we came up with some fun ones.  My 2010 picks are below.  To see all of our great gifts for guitar players, click here.

Guitar Spatula

Guitar Spatula

Guitar Spatula - Great Gift for Guitar Playing Grillers

Guitar players will love pulling this out at parties.  This is a very functional spatula that is great for the grill and stove alike.  We only carry the black version because it just seemed more rock-n-roll.

Click here for more information and to purchase.

Guitar Ice Cube Stirrers

Guitar Ice Cube Stirrers Guitar Gifts

Guitar Ice Cube Stirrers

Now here’s something I’ve been using regularly since I got the sample.  This is a set of three guitar ice cube stirrers.  It is a silicon ice cube mold where the neck is frozen into the ice cube.  They pop out easily into a frozen guitar shaped stirrer.  Perfect for a scotch, tequila, or even a non-alcoholic beverage.

The guitar player in your life will definitely love getting this as a gift and pulling them out a parties.  It’s a conversation starter for sure.

Click here for more information on the Guitar Ice Cube Stirrers or to purchase.

Guitar Toothpick Appetizer Picks

Guitar Toothpicks Appetizer Picks

Guitar Appetizer Picks

This is another gift that’s great for parties.  These reusable guitar appetizer picks are great for cheese, shrimp, veggies and just about anything that you would want to serve with a toothpick.  Your guitar player will have a great time stirring up some conversation with these fun picks.

Click here for more information on the Guitar Picks or to purchase.

Get Amp’d Coffee Mug

Guitar Amp Coffee Mug

Guitar Amp Coffee Mug

Guitar players love talking about guitars and gear.  There’s no better way to get a good guitar conversation going at a work meeting than to show up with this great Get Amp’d Coffee Mug.  Excellent for both hot and cold beverages, this tasteful mug with get the guitar talk going for sure.

Click here for more information on the Get Amp’d Coffee Mug or to purchase.

Keytar Guitar Key Covers

Guitar Key Covers

Keytar Guitar Key Covers

An inexpensive way to show your guitar playing dad that you support him.  These guitar key covers are fun and functional.  They’ll keep your dad’s keys straight and he’ll remember where he got them every time he pulls his keys out.

Click here for more information on the Keytar Guitar Key Covers or to purchase.

Whatever you decide to get your guitar playing dad, remember to let him know that you support his playing.  Happy Fathers Day.  To see all of our great gifts for guitar players, click here.

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