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The Brazen Eternity model is a double cutaway series with smoother lines that is closer to Fender Stratocaster but a little longer and a bit more sleek. Like its brothers, the Dynasty and the Fantasy, the body is extremely comfortable and stylish. The Brazen Eternity line is new for 2009 and there are only three models in the line. All three play and sound great and can satisfy players at all levels and price points.

Brazen Eternity models:
Brazen Eternity Vintage Brazen Eternity Plus Brazen Eternity Carnival
Eternity Vintage
Mahogany body; maple top; mahogany neck...
More info...
Eternity Plus
Alder body; maple neck...More info...
Eternity Carnival
Alder body; maple neck; Bigsby vibrato...More info...

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Guitar Affair Pricing

Guitar Affair pricing for the Brazen Fantasy series ranges from $399 to $1,800, depending upon the selected model. Guitar Affair members will receive up to 150 credits for the purchase of any Brazen Eternity guitar.

For other great Brazen guitars, see the Brazen guitars page. If you want something special, just let us know and we'll work up a quote for you.

We hope that you'll give us a chance to earn your business.