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Brazen  Electric Guitars
Welcome to our Brazen Guitar Department. We love Brazen guitars!!! They are another rare company that has proven that you don't have to spend a ton of cash to get a professional level instrument. While Brazen produces guitars at all levels of the price spectrum, even their lower priced models are great playing and great sounding. They sound and play like expensive guitars but carry the price tag of a mid-range import. If you are looking for a guitar for under $1000 that you can gig with and won't grow out of as you improve, you should definitely consider Brazen guitars.

Guitar Affair stocks a number of Brazen guitars and we can order any of their available models for you. If you want to try one before you buy it (even a Caleb Quaye model, check out our demo program. Use the pics below or links to the left to explore each of the Brazen models, read reviews, see demos, and check out the models we have in stock. As always, just ask us if you have any questions. We hope you'll give us a chance to earn your business.
Brazen 2009 Guitar Models
Brazen Fantasy Model
Brazen Dynasty Model
Brazen Eternity Model