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Please find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our guitar rental program, sales, demo program and other related items. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Questions About How the Affair Program (Guitar Rentals) Works
Where can I find pricing for guitar rentals?

Rental pricing is different for each guitar based upon the guitar's value, rarity factor, maintenance requirements, and other factors. You can find the guitar rental pricing for each instrument within the description of the guitar.

When does my affair (rental) start?

All of our guitar rentals ship UPS ground, unless other arrangements are made directly with Guitar Affair. We allow 5 days for shipping, which normally gets the guitar to its location on time, or a bit early. You affair will officially begin on the later of the beginning date of your reservation, or the date it arrives. So, if you reserve a guitar for June 15 and it arrives on June 14, you get a free day. If it arrives June 16, then we will refund a portion of your RENTAL FEE on a pro rata basis.

What happens if I accidently damage the guitar during an affair (rental)?

You are responsible for any damage or loss that occurs during the guitar rental period (including any additional items such as headphone amp, headphones, etc.). If the guitar is damaged, we will charge your credit card up to the value of the guitar, or the guitar's replacement value, whichever is lower, less the deposit amount that we previously charged you. If the guitar can be repaired without affecting the guitar's value (e.g. tuner replacement, nut replacement, pickup replacement), we will repair the instrument and you will be responsible for the repairs only.

Do you notify me before charging me for any damage?

If the instrument is returned damaged, we will attempt to contact you to prior to taking any action. It is important when you join to provide us with all of your various contact information to give us the best chance of successfully reaching you?

What is the best way to minimize the chances of damaging a guitar?

First, always keep the guitar in its gig bag and keep the gig bag zipped. This will greatly minimize the changes of the guitar being damaged if it is bumped or knocked over, particularly in small spaces such as a hotel room. Secondly, keep the guitar in an out-of-the-way place when not in use. If in a hotel, put the gig bag behind a chair in the corner, where the cleaning personnel are less likely to knock it over. We also advise to ask hotel management if they have a safe where you can keep the guitar when you are not present.

How do I prevent being charged for damage that was already present?

Guitar Affair inspects each instrument prior to shipping. If the guitar arrives damaged, DO NOT REMOVE the guitar from its case. Immediately close the case and contact Guitar Affair to report the damage. If you have a camera or cell phone, then it is also helpful to photograph the instrument WITHOUT REMOVING IT FROM THE CASE. Some customers also photograph the guitar, with that newspaper of the day, prior to returning the instrument to us, to demonstrate that the guitar was undamaged prior to shipping.

Demo Program Questions
If I rent a guitar and do I get my rental fee back whether I buy that exact guitar or order a new one?

Yes. For any guitar that is eligible for the demo program, you will have your rental fee reiumbursed, up to the maximum for that instrument, whether you choose to purchase the demo instrument or order a new guitar of the same model. It does not have to be of the same color or have the same options on it.