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Thank you for checking out our G System support page! Unlike many companies, TC Electronic hosts an outstanding support site where you can find the best and latest information as well as ask questions from a variety of expert users. Check out the G System user to user forum first for the fastest answers to your support questions.

G System Installation and Setup Support
G System Button Labels
Midi Y Cables for G System / Nova Drive Integration

G System Installation and Setup Support

General setup and installation instructions

The definitive G System Installation and Setup Guide (Rev. Feb 2010)
This latest version has new information regarding the configuration of volume and expression pedals with the G System.

G System Configuration and Troubleshooting GuideThe very best installation and setup help we have found is the guide developed by G System expert Laird Williams. Laird has generously allowed us to host the guide here for G System users to download.

Video Describing 4 Cable Setup

This is a decent video describing the 4 cable setup using stereo amps of a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and Tech 21 Trademark 30.

Video Instruction for How to Edit a Preset

Mark Cooper does a great job of showing how easy it is to edit a preset.