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For boutique and custom guitar manufacturers, Guitar Affair offers the ability to put your guitars into the hands of enthusiasts and collectors who have an affinity for fine instruments. Reaching potential customers is always difficult for companies that produce limited quantities of instruments. But, with Guitar Affair, you can leverage your Internet and marketing efforts with a turn-key demo program.

For the limited number of manufacturers that we select to represent, we relieve your customer’s fear of purchasing an instrument that they haven’t played before. Rather than see your potential sale disappear when a customer can’t commit, you can give them the option to come to Guitar Affair to try one of your guitars before they buy. They can click over to Guitar Affair, rent one of your models that we will stock, and if they choose to purchase from us, we will rebate all or part of their rental fee. It’s a painless way for you to allow people who are interested in your guitars to try them out before they purchase, making them less anxious about the purchase and helping them to make a better purchase decision that will result in higher customer satisfaction with the end product.

And here’s the best part – We purchase the guitars we stock for demos/rentals!!! We do not ask our manufacturers for free instruments. That just wouldn’t be helpful to small manufacturers who are trying to be successful.

Interested in having Guitar Affair represent you? Because we purchase our instruments from you, and because we put a lot of effort into marketing for each of our partners, we are very selective about which guitars we represent. We look for manufacturers who produce high-end instruments that will offer something unique and luxurious for our customers. Our customers rely on us to recommend instruments that will impress them with quality craftsmanship, flawless finishes, and amazing tone.

If you are interested in discussing a possible partnership, please contact us directly.