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Enjoying a guitar from Guitar Affair is a simple process:

1. Join – You must be a member in order to rent guitars from Guitar Affair. Because a rental is essentially a credit transaction, we run a credit and background check on all of our members. There is a $50, one-time membership application fee. You can apply for membership by completing the registration form.

Also note that our customers get very advantageous incentives on all of the products we sell. It’s easy to earn back your membership fee through the money you will save on everything from strings to guitars.

2. Select and reserve a guitar – Simply search our inventory to find an instrument that is available during the desired timeframe. You can search the inventory by date, by manufacturer, or by genre. Remember that we are here to help you find guitars you will enjoy, so please do not hesitate to ask.

3. Receive your instrument – Your instrument will be shipped via UPS to your destination, be it a home, hotel, or vacation home. Our guitars ship in custom made Guitar Affair Gig Bags inside a custom made CaseXtreme shipping container. The container will have a lock and you will be provided with a PIN as part of the reservation. If you have also ordered a Road Trip Package with a headphone amp, cord, headphones, strap, and training DVD, everything will arrive in the same container.

4. Have fun – Enjoy the guitar for as long as you have it reserved.

5. Return it – On the return ship date, simply put everything back in the shipping container and ship it back. A return UPS label will be provided to you inside the case. There’s no tape or fuss. Just put the guitar in its gig bag and put the gig bag and other materials into the shipping container, close it, lock it, and either drop it off at any UPS center or arrange for a pickup.

It’s that easy! If you have any questions on the process, please contact us.