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1977 IBANEZ Artist 2630

If you've always wanted a Gibson 335, but haven't tried one of these, you're in for a treat with this vintage 1977 Ibanez Artist 2630 thinline hollowbody. I've only played two 335s in my life that could compare to the feel and tone of this guitar and they were both early 1960s models and VERY expensive. The 2630 is a super-smooth player with great tone. I absolutely love these guitars, which is why I own two.

NOTE: THIS IS A VINTAGE GUITAR!!! It is not perfect. There is some tarnishing of the brass and the pickguard has long since disintegrated (you will get the pieces though). The electronics have some scratching to them and could use a cleanup or rewire (if you don't mind removing the original wire).

With that said, the body, neck, and fretboard are in amazing condition with almost not scratches or dings. Some of the black lines on the binding is wearing which you can see around the bottom horn in the pictures below. Overall, is in fantastic condition for a '77.

Comes with hard shell case.

Check out the pics below: