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1977 IBANEZ Artist 2630

No, you're not imagining things. I love these guitars so much that I have two of them. This one is a '78 instead of a '77. There might be a touch more wear on it, but it is still in fantastic shape for its age. The guitar plays like a dream - every bit as fast as most of my solid body electrics.

There is a replacement switch on the guitar and I'm guessing that it has been rewired because the electronics are fairly clean.

Like the '77, there is some tarnishing of the pickups, but the body is very clean.

If it were me, I'd slap some Duncan pickups in this thing and have one butt-kickin 335

NOTE: THIS IS A VINTAGE GUITAR!!! It is not perfect. There is some tarnishing of the brass and the pickguard has long since disintegrated (you will get the pieces though). The electronics have some scratching to them and could use a cleanup or rewire (if you don't mind removing the original wire).

With that said, the body, neck, and fretboard are in very good condition with only very minor blemishes. Some of the black lines on the binding is wearing which you can see around the bottom horn in the pictures below. Overall, is in fantastic condition for a '78.

Comes with hard shell case.

Check out the pics below: