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Some aluminum guitars are circus-acts. THIS one is FOR REAL!

The most unique custom telecaster. A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll!

Check out YouTube for some great demos of this rare guitar. Here's one to whet your appetite.

This is The Liquid Metal Guitar Co''s interpretation on one of the telecaster is incredible in a lot of ways. With a workman like industrial finish, not only does it look the unique but as soon as you plug it in LOOK OUT!

This guitar is about as "Made in North America" as it gets, from the body, neck, saddles, nut, pickups, even the knobs are made in North America. This is a guitar that any musician would be more than proud to own. The LMG Telecaster starts out as a solid block of 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum which is then hogged out until it has their proprietary tonal thickness. The metal used is way denser than wood and so plucked string's energy stays intact much longer. This ultimately makes for clearer, more pure sound. The machining on the outside of the body is left intact for an industrial or workman look, to allow an appreciation of the material which is bringing you an amazing energy.....and an amazing tone! You can definitely see the patterned tool marks. There is nothing like it out there, but it is not too over the top, just cool. The machined body is coated with the latest in scratch resistant clear coat just developed by Akzo Nobel for use on ultra luxury cars. This gives the machining a sense of depth, it is an amazing 3d look with an absolutely stunning luster. You cant do this baked on clear coat in wood and you can't get this clarity out of wood.

The tone master Seymour Duncan had The LMG guitar in his private shop, it was brought in by Don Felder and Bruce Greenwood and after the obligatory " I know what aluminum guitars sound like" he played it and was amazed at how "wide" the guitar's sound was. He was so intrigued that he took about defining a set of pickups to take advantage of the "cool" characteristics of the guitar. Seymour and MJ set about to design a custom set just for the LMG" T". Seymour said that he wanted to make the pickup set to take advantage of the liveliness, the energy and made a set that has no compression, was wide open and clean. The neck pickup, semi-vintage sound, closer to a 3 in line with a wide range, reading around 9k. Alnico 5 magnets. The bridge is because of the dynamics of the guitar it can take advantage of, is hot at 15.97 and uses ¼ pounder magnets. The guitar has a sensational range of sounds that one of the best pick up men in the business designed and builds just for it.

No Hum. One of the other fantastic results of these metal bodies is that they shield the guitar so well there is no hum. Studios are using them because of that, it is quiet and pure guitar sound. The Neck Stainless dual-action truss rod, 12" FB radius an absolutely fabulous 8 degrees of headstock angle to put the right amount of tension on the strings, med-jumbo steel frets, .103 wide and .048 tall, 1.71" wide nut, 2.22" wide at the 22nd fret. The neck is made of Canadian hard rock maple and it shaped and sanded to 600 grit to shape, then sealed with a thin clear coat. This makes for perhaps the most organic feel of a neck you will ever experience. It is fast and smooth and sweet to play. String holes through the body As you know the holes for the strings come through the body, they've taken it a step further. The string guide and through the body piece is cut out of the same block as the rest of the body, it is absolute integral, no separation, it is part of the body. This is just another unique feature that contributes to the over all exceptional "T" tone.

The self lubricating nut with tone; increases sustain, improves the tone of open notes, eliminates tuning ping, allows you to stay in tune. The Graphtech String Saver™ Saddles are a unique combination of materials made to enhance tone and dramatically reduce string breakage. Bigsby B5 Vibrato ( optional ) The perfect addition to the is type of guitar and built in a way so that it stays in tune.

The LMG Telecaster is in excellent condition. It was never rented or demoed. It has only been played by me and I played it very little. I have the action set up for slide, so you may want to lower it if you plan to do some screaming solos on it, which this guitar is more than capable of doing. I am the original owner of the guitar so it has never been in another player's hands.

The LMG T lists for $2995, so this is a screaming great deal on a guitar that is a must for Telecaster enthusiasts and collectors.

You can find more info about this guitar at our page by clicking here.

Here are some pics:

Note that I had this guitar set up for slide, so the action is at medium height. If you don't play slide and you don't do your own guitar setups, allocate $50 to have the guitar reset for fast playing.