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Jim Basara – Founder & President

“Guitar Affair is the company I always wished existed. As a software company executive, I found myself on the road constantly. The worst part of traveling was that I couldn’t stand being away from my instruments. Playing guitar is a difficult hobby to keep up when traveling. They are a total pain to carry when you are also dragging a briefcase and luggage. I tried a travel guitar, but even that was difficult to carry and I just didn’t look forward to playing it. Additionally, whenever I was lucky enough to get some time at home, I was always catching up on things and could never find enough time to practice, and my playing suffered greatly because of it.

I always wanted a service that I could call and have a nice guitar and practice amp waiting for me, or just to have a guitar for a week that I’d always wanted to try. So, I created Guitar Affair. We are dedicated to improving our customers’ appreciation and understanding of guitars. Give us a chance to serve you. You will not be disappointed.”


Jim is a serial entrepreneur and brings more than 25 years of leadership experience to Guitar Affair in the areas of operations, marketing, sales, corporate management, and information technology. Prior to founding Guitar Affair, Jim served as COO of Language Analysis Systems, Inc., a highly specialized linguistics software firm, where he led the company’s turnaround culminating in a highly successful acquisition of the firm by IBM.

Before LAS, Jim served as COO of PromiseMark, Inc., where he helped to build the first company in history to provide consumer protection plans in the areas of identity theft and computer viruses. Prior to PromiseMark, Jim started Memex, Inc., a successful U.S. subsidiary of a U.K. software company in the area of criminal intelligence, and served as its CEO. He has also held positions with Sterling Software, GTE, Contel, and Eaton Corporation. Prior to his commercial experience, Jim served in the U.S. Air Force where he designed and developed software for military intelligence.