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Moody Leather defines luxury and quality. When Guitar Affair went on our search for guitar straps that deserved to be attached to our high-end guitars, we were very disappointed by what we found. Straps that we looked at from many popular makers, and even boutique manufacturers, tended to be made from substandard materials and the craftsmanship was not what we would have expected from a company touting its products as “high-end”.

Then we met Moody Leather. As soon as we picked up our first Moody guitar strap, we knew we had something different in our hands. The Moody straps are absolutely the highest quality guitar straps we’ve found. The leather is thick and soft and it melts into your shoulder when you sling it. The stitching is perfect on every strap. Wearing a Moody guitar strap is much like wearing an expensive Italian leather jacket. It is incredibly comfortable and somehow makes the wearer feel better.

Moody Leather guitar straps are made with 100% quality Italian leather. The leather backed guitar straps are lined with Italian glove leather for maximum comfort and protection from the guitar sliding around on you. The suede backed guitar straps are lined with high-quality velvet suede. Moody manufactures all of its straps in California, so you are also getting a 100% USA made product, with the craftsmanship you would expect.

If you’ve never tried a Moody Leather guitar strap before, as us to include one as part of your next guitar rental. We’d be happy to introduce you to these amazing guitar straps.

We'd be happy to help you to choose the perfect Moody Leather guitar strap for your favorite guitars. Just drop us a line. We hope that you’ll give us a chance to earn your business.