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XOX Handle

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XOX Audio Tools "The Handle" Carbon Fiber Guitar
The Handle is one of the most innovative instruments we’ve seen in a long, long time.

Made from carbon fiber that has been acoustically chambered to promote direct transmission of acoustic vibrations and create superior resonance, this guitar offers loads of “WOW factor”. You’ve never tried anything like this in the past.

The Handle is amazingly light and extremely comfortable to play, making it a joy to have along on vacation or on a business trip. It is beautifully designed and contoured so it is exceedingly comfortable in both a sitting and standing position.

But, many other guitars that radically diverge from the norm, this is no carbon fiber gimmick. The Handle deserves its position among professional quality guitars. It offers playability, versatility, and tone equal to, or better than, other guitars in its price range. Its carbon fiber neck and composite fretboard are extremely comfortable, offering a feel similar to ebony. The medium jumbo frets and relatively slim neck combine for an equally pleasant experience for melodic and shred players alike. And, the DiMarzio PAF Pro pickups combined with a blending knob instead of a standard pickup selector offer a vast array of tones from screaming to mellow and fat.

Anyone who enjoys playing unique, high-end instruments will find this guitar interesting to play.
Here are the specs for this XOX Handle carbon fiber guitar:
Body and Neck: Single-piece mono-chasis carbon fiber composite
Finish: Pure carbon fiber semi gloss finish
Fingerboard: Carbon fiber composite
Neck Shape: Tapered and slim for all 24 frets
Scale: 25 1/2"
Frets: 24 hardened stainless steel medium jumbo
Pickups: DiMarzio PAF Pro
Controls: 1 volume; 1 tone; 1 blender pot
Tuners: Planet Waves Auto Trim
Bridge: Hipshot Baby Grand


Why You Want to Rent this Guitar
If you want to try something completely different while on a vacation or business trip, the Handle is a perfect choice. It will give you all of the playability of a high-end axe, but in a package that is unlike anything you’ve seen or felt before. If you normally pay lots of money for guitar made of expensive tonewoods, this guitar will have you questioning your core beliefs.
Purchasing this Guitar
For those who want to set themselves apart from the pack, this is the perfect guitar to enhance your current arsenal. Whether you play professionally or just in your basement, this guitar will impress everyone that sees and hears it. Why have just one more Les Paul, Strat, or PRS, when you can have something very rare and unique. Less than 100 of these guitars exist at this point and only a few have been brought to the states. Get in early and be different.
The XOX Handle is valued at $5000.00

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