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Breedlove Mark II

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Breedlove Mark II Custom Chambered Electric Guitar
In the world of acoustic guitars, Breedlove is synonymous with high quality. Their guitars have been celebrated as top of the line instruments and the company has been showered with award and accolades by pros and amateurs alike. In 2007, Breedlove launched the Mark series of high-end electric guitars that immediately grabbed the industry’s attention, winning awards from the likes of NAMM (Best in Show) and Guitar Jam Daily (Best Electric Guitar).

The Mark II is a chambered, double cutaway, custom guitar that deserves its place in the high-end market. Like its Mark I and Mark IV brothers, the Mark II is a professional level guitar that is simply gorgeous with great playability and huge, versatile tone.

It has a mahogany back and maple top with a deluxe, high gloss, opaque tobacco finish that is stunning, even when compared to a PRS.

The mahogany neck is lightly finished for ultra smooth neck-feel and the Breedlove sculpted neck heel is one of the best we’ve every played, providing outstanding access to the upper frets.

The tone is stellar. Great wood selection, superb craftsmanship, and a set of Lollar Imperial Humbucker pickups offer a wider array of tones and textures. This Mark II is also equipped with a push-pull tone knob which splits the coils, offering great single coil sounds.

This is another shining example of why we believe Breedlove will be the next PRS. They produce phenomenal instruments that allow players to express themselves with a unique instrument with superior tone. PRS gave Gibson and Fender players a place to go for higher quality and unique design. Breedlove gives Gibson, Fender AND PRS players the same alternative.

Note that the Breedlove Mark II qualifies for the Guitar Affair Demo Program. This particular specimen is available for an affair (rental) or sale. And remember that Guitar Affair is an authorized Breedlove dealer, so we can get you a Mark II with all of your preferred options, at the best price available. Try the Mark II out in the privacy of your own home, with your own equipment, and we will rebate all or part of your rental fee if you purchase (dependant upon length of rental and instrument cost). Contact us for more details.


Here are the specs for this Breedlove Mark II Custom

Body: Mahogany

AAA grade flame maple


Full Opaque Tobacco

Neck: Mahogany
Construction:  Bolt-on with innovative neck joint and sculpted neck heel
Fingerboard: Ebony with Breedlove dots


Nut Width: 1 11/16"
Tuners: Gotoh gold 510 tuners with ebony buttons
Pickups: Lollar Imperial Humbuckers

1 volume; 1 tone (push/pull to split coils); 3-way pickup selector


Why You Want to Rent this Guitar
If you are a fan of high-end electrics, like PRS, you will enjoy trying out the Mark II. The craftsmanship will stand up to any boutique electric and the playability and tone of the Mark II is among the best. With all of the guitars in our inventory, the Mark II is one of those guitars that our employees go for first when they want to jam. Simply put, this guitar will make you want to play more frequently.
Why You Want to Own this Guitar

If you’re in the market for a high-end guitar, but you’re looking for something different from the common Gibson, Fender, and PRS offerings, the Breedlove Mark II is an excellent choice. It is stunning to look at, plays great, and offers incredible tone. If you play on the upper frets a lot, the Mark II offers better accessibility to the upper frets than almost any guitar we’ve played, including PRS set neck guitars. This guitar is high-end in every sense of the word. Get in early on these babies while they are still boutique. If quality like this continues, Breedlove will be extremely successful with these guitars and the early copies will increase in value like the early PRS guitars have.

Guitar Affair is proud to be an authorized reseller of Breedlove Guitars.  You can purchase one of our demo models (such as this one), one of our new in-stock models, or you can custom order a Breedlove through us.  Note that the Breedlove Mark II qualifies for the Guitar Affair Demo Program, so you can try one out before you buy one.  For more information on our Breedlove guitar program, purchasing a new or used Breedlove guitar, and our demo program, click here.

The Breedlove Mark II is valued at $4699.00

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