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Signature GT Custom

Gigliotti Joe Bonamassa Signature

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This Gigliotti Joe Bonamassa Signature GT Custom is for rent only. Please contact us regarding ordering one of these amazing instruments.
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Gigliotti Custom Guitars Joe Bonamassa Signature Custom GT
If you’re a fan of Joe Bonamassa, you’ve seen and heard this unbelievably unique instrument. Made by the folks at Gigliotti Custom Guitars, this signature GT Custom sports a brass top with the Gigliotti Voicing System. You can order a GT from us or direct from Gigliotti guitars with a wide variety of options and custom specs. Our order to Patrick Gigliotti for this guitar was simple:
“Build it like Joe’s!”
And that’s what you have here. A Joe Bonamassa Signature GT Custom built exactly the way Joe had his built and set up to his demanding specs. It’s a phenomenal sounding instrument and it plays great.
What’s especially cool about this guitar?
  1. Playing a guitar that is identical to that played by Joe on stage – Lots of us have signature guitars, but it’s especially cool to know that this one is built exactly like Joe’s.
  2. The Gigliotti Voicing System – A metal top??? Well, it’s a lot more than a metal top. This guitar will get tones that you simply can’t obtain from other instruments. Clean and warm, it will purr with a Les Paul. Cranked and overdriven, it has a growl that we haven’t heard from any other instrument.
This is one of our very favorite guitars in the world. For a complete analysis, check out the full review that Jim did for Guitar Jam Daily: 

For more information on Gigliotti Guitars, available options, and ordering information, click here.

Here are the specs for the Gigliotti Joe Bonamassa Signature GT Custom

Body: Mahogany

Brass Gigliotti Voicing System

Neck: Mahogany 63 Contour with inlay brass headstock
Construction:  Bolt-on
Fingerboard: Rosewood with pearl dot inlay
Nut: Bone
Tuners: Gotoh
Pickups: Peter Florence
Why You Want to Rent this Guitar
That’s an easy one. It’s one of the coolest guitars on the planet. Even if you aren’t a Joe Bonamassa fan (if that’s possible), players will find this instrument extremely unique in its sound and look. If you are a Bonamassa fan, you will get goosebumps when you play this guitar.
Why You Want to Own this Guitar

If you are into blues and/or blues-rock, the Gigliotti GT will quickly become a focal point in your arsenal, no matter how many guitars you own. Everything about this guitar screams professional – its tone, its look, and its feel all rank among the best guitars available.

Guitar Affair is proud to be an authorized reseller for Gigliotti guitars.  You can purchase one of our demo models (such as this one), one of our new in-stock models, or you can custom order a Gigliotti through us.  Note that the Gigliotti Bonamassa Signature GT qualifies for the Guitar Affair Demo Program, so you can try one out before you buy one.  For more information on our Gigliotti guitar program, purchasing a new or used Gigliotti guitar, and our demo program, click here .

The Gigliotti Joe Bonamassa Signature is valued at $4500.00

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Definitely one of the most unique guitars I've ever tried.  It has a one-of-a-kind sound that is unbelievably powerful.  I have to have one.
                                             -Rick Henry