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Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

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The Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier is in stock and available.
Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
Humidity control is absolutely essential to protecting your guitar investment. For acoustic guitars, whether you keep them in the case or in the open, the Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifer is a great way to insure that your instrument does not suffer the ill effects of dry weather. If you have an acoustic guitar, there's simply no reason not to spend such a small amount of money to protect it.
  • Protects your guitar without damaging the finish.
  • Suspended by the strings, never touches the guitar body.
  • No clips or fasteners that can scratch the guitar finish.
Don't forget to also check out the Planet Waves Hygrometer that allows you to monitor the humidity and temperature conditions of your prized instrument.




The Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier is valued at $15.99

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