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Moody Black / Black Leather Strap (std)

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Moody Leather Guitar Straps - 2.5\" Black / Black - Standard
The premier luxury guitar strap!
  • 100% Italian leather
  • 100% hand made in the USA
  • Incredibly soft and supportive
  • Black leather front / Black leather back
  • 2.5 inches wide
  • \"Standard\" length - adjustable from 37 to 49 inches

If you have a guitar that you love, it deserves a Moody guitar strap. Used by a whole slew of professionals, these straps are the must most luxurious on the market. Hand-crafted in the US by Moody Leather, this strap fits and feels like a custom leather shoe or jacket. These straps aren\'t cheap, but they are really worth it if you want to treat yourself to something luxurious, or you have a heavy guitar that you want to make more comfortable. You simply feel better with Moody leather across your shoulder.

This Moody strap is all high quality Italian leather on both the front and back of the strap. Both the front and back is high quality black leather.

This strap is all a "Long" cut. It\'s length range is 37 to 49" and it is great for players who sling their guitars low, or for bass players.

Guitar Affair is proud to be an authorized reseller of Moody Leather guitar straps. To search our site for available Moody guitar straps, click here. Or, to order a Moody guitar strap, drop us a line.

The Moody Black / Black Leather Strap (std) is valued at $199.00

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