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TC Electronic Nova Drive

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The TC Electronic Nova Drive (NDR-1) is in stock and available with FREE shipping.
TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
Analog sound with Digital Control...

They are finally here and Guitar Affair has them in stock!!!

The Nova Drive is absolutely the most flexible and versatile overdrive/distortion pedal we've seen....ever! Here's an overview video from Tore at TC Electronic that will walk you through all of the key features of the Nova Drive.

Nova Drive brings you the great sounding analog circuit from Nova System, with all the digital control that modern guitarists demand. The result: classic old school sound that ensures chills down your spine and a wide grin at every riff, lick and face-melter, but digital control options that enables you to integrate NovaDrive into your set-up and tailor the sound with total precision, resulting in more control, resulting in more confidence, and ultimately resulting in a better performance. Finally you have a place to create, store and recall all the distorted and overdriven sounds you could ever need: Nova Drive.

A quick list of the key features is below. You can also check out our Nova Drive section, complete with a more detailed overview, reviews, demos, and support information.

Key Nova Drive Features:
  • Programmable All-analog drive circuit
  • True Bypass
  • Extensive routing options
  • Programmable control
  • Integration with G-System
We're celebrating the Nova Drive release with FREE SHIPPING on this unit!!!
The TC Electronic Nova Drive is valued at $249.00

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