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RKS guitars were very popular for a while but are no longer being made. The company was founded by guitar great Dave Mason.

I purchased this guitar during a trip to the Hohner USA headquarters in Richmond, Virginia in Sept, 2006. Hohner was an RKS distributor at the time and it was one of the last two RKS guitars they had in inventory (I will be posting the other next month). The guitar has been stored in a smoke-free, environmentally-controlled environment since that time.

I have played this guitar LESS THAN 10 HOURS since I bought it. I purchased it as a collection item and I've only played it as I've kept it in tune. That may be hard to believe, but I mostly play the rental guitars before they go out and I have very little time to play the guitars in my own collection.

The guitar is in very good condition. If you wanted to gig with it, it could probably use a professional setup at this point, but it is in great shape.

The guitar comes with the following:

  1. Certificate of Authenticity
  2. Purchase Letter from Company (verifying low serial number)
  3. Hardshell case that came with the guitar.

One interested collector asked me for pics, so there are tons of them below. There is only one small paint chip on the back of the guitar on the bottom wing and it is clearly shown in a couple of the pics.