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Saint Blues   Electric Guitars
Welcome to our Saint Blues Department!

HOT NEWS FROM SAINT BLUES!! The USA Handmade Workshop Series Guitars Now Available at Guitar Affair!! That's right folks. The long awaited USA hand-crafted Workshop series guitars have started to arrive. This instruments are amazing in style, playability, and vintage vibe. For anyone looking for a Fender Custom Shop or similar professional level guitar, the St. Blues Workshop Series guitars should absolutely be considered. Check 'em out below or click staight to the standard series guitars.

Guitar Affair stocks a number of Saint Blues guitars and we can order any of their available models for you. If you want to try one before you buy it, check out our demo program where you can play one in the privacy of your home, or on a business trip or vacation. Use the pics below or links to the left to explore each of the Saint Blues models, read reviews, see demos, and check out the models we have in stock. As always, just ask us if you have any questions. We hope you'll give us a chance to earn your business.
Saint Blues 2009 Workshop Series Guitar Models
Absolutely the best thing to happen to electric guitar so far in 2009! These new hand-crafted professional level instruments are amazing. Total vintage vibe, unbeaten playability, and HUGE tone combine to create a series of guitars that will turn heads. At prices well below Fender Custom Shop guitars, the new Workshop Series will undoubtedly make a significant impact in the professional guitar market and Guitar Affair is one of the first to get them.
Saint Blues Workshop Series Mississippi Bluesmaster
Saint Blues Workshop Series 61 South
Saint Blues

Saint Blues 2009 Standard Guitar Models
Whether you are into blues, country, or rock, you can have a professional level guitar without a professional level price. We love these fine instruments. They represent some of the best value instruments available in the industry today. They sound and play like expensive guitars but carry the price tag of a mid-range import. If you are looking for a guitar for under $1000 that you can gig with and won't grow out of as you improve, you simply must take a look at Saint Blues. With hundreds of guitars in our warehouses, St. Blues are often the guitars that are picked up by our employees to play, even though they cost thousands less than many of the instruments we have in our inventory.
Saint Blues 61 South
Saint Blues Bluesmaster II
Saint Blues Bluesmaster IV
Saint Blues Bluescaster IV
Saint Blues Mississippi Bluesmaster
Saint Blues King Blues Bass