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The list below shows all of the guitars I am selling off. You can click on the entry for more information and to see more pics. I am posting the guitars on eBay after they've been on this list for 1 week. Once they post on eBay, you have to buy them off of eBay. If you are a friend and you tell me you are interested, I MAY hold off on the eBay posting to give you some time to decide. Let me know if you have any questions.

Anyone interested in being notified of updates to this list can email me and I'll put you on the notification list.

Guitar Thumbnail Price Notes
Fender Lonestar Stratocaster (US) Blue Fender Lonestar Strat Thumbnail Photo $400 A US-made Fender Lonestar Strat in excellent condition for only $400. What else is there to say? Click for more pics.
2005 Gibson Les Paul Supreme Les Paul Supreme Thumbnail Photo $2100 One of the most spectacular Les Pauls I've seen. Plays great! Spectacular finish! Click on the link for more info and photos.
Gibson Custom Shop '57 Gold Top Reissue '57 Les Paul Reissue Thumbnail Photo $2000 A Gibson Art & Historic Custom Shop 57 Reissue in fabulous shape for a great price.
Gibson Robot Studio Limited 'Gibson Les Paul Robot Studio LTD Thumbnail Photo $1100 NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE CASE! This guitar is a classic Les Paul Studio Limited with the hugely successful automated robot tuning system.
Jon Kammerer Scorpius Jon Kammerer Thumbnail Photo $900 A fully-handcrafted guitar in mint condition for under $1000 is a rare thing. The Jon Kammerer Scorpius is worth consideration if you want something out of the mainstream that plays and sounds great. This Scorpius has a very flat neck, making it great for everything from Jazz to Metal.
Liquid Metal LMG Liquid Metal LMG Thumbnail Photo $1200 A beautiful alumnium telecaster that delivers on the promise of great tone. List price $2995. An absolute steal at $1200.
Fender Custom Shop Clasic Player's Strat Fender Players Strat Thumbnail Photo $2500 An amazing Fender Custom Shop Stratocater with absolutely THE MOST STUNNING FENDER NECK, I have ever seen. Click link for more info.
Fender Custom Shop One-of-a-Kind Lacewood Strat Fender Lacewoo Strat Thumbnail Photo $2200 Built for the 2004 NAMM Show Fender Booth, this strat is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Even if you aren't looking for a strat, you should check out the pictures.
Brazen Eternity Carnival Brazen Eternity Thumbnail Photo $1100 You've probably never heard of it before, but this is one great guitar. And, with a one-piece Brazilian Patagonian neck, it is priced at the value of the neck alone.
Breedlove Mark I Custom Breedlove Mark I Custom Thumbnail Photo $3200 This one is simply over-the-top. CHECK OUT THE PICS!.
Vintage 1977 Ibanez Artist 2630 Ibanez Artist 2630 Photo $1600 One of the Ibanez Artist series guitars that made the company what it is today. These are my favorite slim hollowbodies. I've only played one or two Gibson 335s that could compare.
Vintage 1978 Ibanez Artist 2630 Ibanez Artist 2630 Photo $1600 Another fanastic 2630. Love them so much I have two.
Saint Blues Made-in-Memphis Workshop Series Bluesmaster Saint Blues Bluesmaster Photo $1250 This guitar oozes vintage vibe but with all the advantages of modern handcrafted goodness. A never-owned, never-played, super hot guitar priced far below market value.
G&L Legacy Blue Sparkle G&L Legacy Strat Thumbnail Photo $600 If you've never tried a G&L strat, they simply blow Fender USA models out of the water. This guitar plays and sounds great and it's worth a look if you like that "blue sparkle" vibe.
Hohner OSC Archtop II Hohner OSC Archetop II Thumbnail Photo $225 VALUE VALUE VALUE. This is one of the best inexpensive guitars I have ever played.
RKS El Sol RKS El Sol Thumbnail Photo $1100 RKS was very popular for a while but went out of business a couple years ago. The company was cofounded by Dave Mason. The guitars play and sound quite well for those looking for a futuristic instrument and a collectors item.
Vintage Yamaha FG-150 with Artist History Yamaha FG-150 Thumbnail Photo $2000 COLLECTOR ALERT: A vintage Yamaha FG-150 acoustic guitar from an NYC studio, signed by Roger Daltrey with lots of artist history.
Ed Roman Pearlcastser SIGNED by the Late Ed Roman Ed Roman Pearlcaster Thumbnail Photo $2400 One of the hottest strats I've played, signed by the late builder Ed Roman.