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Welcome to the Guitar Affair sales department. We offer highly competitive prices and herculean service on the select manufacturers that we choose to represent. Guitar Affair members will receive credits towards future items for every purchase made in our store.

We stand ready to answer all of your questions, so feel free to contact us with any questions about our merchandise or advice on anything guitar related.

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Featured Products
TC Electronic Polytune Electronic Tuner
Price: $99.00
Moody Limited Edition Red, White & Blue Stars Leather Long
Price: $179.99
Liquid Metal LMG
Price: $2797.00
XOX Customer Specific Package
Price: $3495.00
ZT Amps Lunchbox Guitar Amp
Price: $259.00
Freyette Valvulator I
Price: $239.00
Customer package #2
Price: $35.00
Flipper Guitar Spatula
Price: $9.95
Guitar Picks Toothpicks
Price: $6.99
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