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Please find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our guitar rental program below. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Shipping / Receiving Questions
What should I do when I receive the instrument?

After you sign for the instrument, we recommend that you leave the instrument sit for a short time to allow the temperature to adjust to room temperature. If the outdoor weather is either cold or hot compared to the indoor temperature, we ask that you allow two hours before unpacking the guitar.

Can I ship the guitar from any UPS location?

As long as it is a bona fide UPS shipping location that is staffed, that is fine. It is very important that you OBTAIN A RECEIPT proving that you shipped the guitar and showing the UPS tracking number.

What if I'm dropping it off at the hotel?

Remember that it is your responsibility to get the instrument to UPS for shipment. To protect yourself from the instrument being lost, it is recommended that you arrange a pickup directly with UPS if at all possible. Otherwise, it is imperative that you gather as much information as possible, in case the instrument is lost before it gets to UPS. If you plan to trust the hotel to ship the guitar, then we recommend dealing directly with a manager and noting the manager's name. We also recommend having the manager sign for the guitar, and even photographing the handoff.

Unpacking Questions
Is the guitar shipped in tune?

No. To better protect our instruments, they are shipped detuned approximately 1/2 to 1 full step.

How do I open the shipping case?

To open the locking strap, simply enter your combination and then press the button at the tip. For a photo of the strap, click here.

Packing Questions
Should I de-tune the guitar before I pack it?

Please!!! We ask that you de-tune approximately 1 step. 2 turns of each tuning knob should be just fine.

How do I refill the acoustic guitar humidifier that is inserted in the strings?

To refill the Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifer, open the humidifier by pressing on the two tabs under the cap, remove the cap, and wet the sponge. Then replace the sponge and cap and insert the humidifier in the between the 3rd (G) and 4th (D) strings. For a picture of how to open the humidifier, click here.