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Here's one for the collectors out there. I ended up with this from a charity auction where it was sold by singer/songwriter/producer Gerard McMann. A letter from Gerard accompanies the guitar (copy emailed upon request) that describes the rich history of this guitar.

In short, the little parlor Yamaha sat in the studio and became a favorite among artists for songwriting. The guitar was originally owned by Jackson Browne and Gerard used to use it during rehearsal sessions with Jackson, who eventually gave it to him as a birthday present. It has been played by Roger Daltrey (who also signed the guitar), Carley Simon, Paul Stanley, Phoebe Snow, and others. It's a very cool story of how this unassuming guitar (hey, it's not a Martin) developed such a rich history.

NOTE: THIS IS A VINTAGE GUITAR and it has been played a LOT (and by a lot of important people). As a result, it comes with all of the blemishes you would expect from a guitar that sat around in a studio for 20 years.

Comes with case shown.

Check out the pics below: